Allies Celebrates Nurses Week: May 6-12, 2023

We are so proud of our exceptional nursing staff! This week we are celebrating them for their knowledge and expertise, their kindness and compassion, and their sense of humor and creativity. Their skills and character make a true difference in the care, comfort and outlook of each individual that we serve, and we are so grateful for all that they do.

This year we’ve selected four “Nurse Stars” whose dedication and commitment to high quality care have been recognized as outstanding by their peers, management teams, guardians, families, and those they care for.


Please meet our 2023 Nurse Stars!


Osman KamaraOsman Kamara, LPN
Osman has been a part of the Allies family for seven years and provides care at multiple group homes including Glendale, Middletown, Unity Court and West Windsor. He has been recognized for the way he delivers exceptional care to individuals – with a soft tone, compassion, understanding, and a warm smile on his face. Osman is known for being a strong contributor, self-motivated, adaptable, responsible, polite, reliable and a good communicator. He not only keeps staff and Executive Directors informed about those he cares for; he also ensures that individuals’ loved ones are updated. Osman steps in to provide direct care and administrative support wherever it is needed. When faced with a challenge, he calmly tries to find a way for everyone to work together to solve the problem. He also maintains a positive and professional attitude when working with those he serves, guardians, families and his coworkers. He’s a true role model and highly valued by everyone who has the pleasure to connect with him. 

Merinda ColemanMerinda Coleman, LPN
Merinda has been a part of the Allies family for almost two years and provides care at our Wall Day Program. She has been recognized for the extraordinary compassion, time, and attentiveness that she gives to each individual that she serves as well as her attention to detail. Merinda’s strong knowledge of each individual’s medical and behavior needs is matched equally by her personal knowledge of their unique preferences, ambitions, interests and likes. Her managers and peers have applauded her for excelling at providing customized care, and demonstrating a deep care for others that manifests itself each day at the Wall Day Program. She is viewed as a role model as a nurse, and as a person who reflects the positive changes that we desire to make in the field of human services. Her outstanding care establishes a standard for others to strive toward.



Charles JallahCharles Jallah, LPN
Charles has been a part of the Allies family for five years and provides care at our Project Freedom West Windsor Group Home. He has been recognized for being highly skilled, extremely knowledgeable, honest, reliable, trustworthy and compassionate. Charles works hard to make those in his care feel comfortable and safe; and prides himself in providing support that allows those he serves to  achieve optimal health and well-being. He also receives compliments weekly from guardians who deeply appreciate the way he cares for their loved ones. In addition, management and colleagues have said that he is a team player who consistently displays and promotes high ethical standards. He’s a true role model for other nurses in his program, demonstrating a take-charge attitude, respect, consideration and a willingness to help his team members when needed.


Taciea SassafrasTaciea Sassafras, LPN,
Regional Nurse
Taciea has been a part of the Allies family for almost a decade. She is a Regional Nurse that provides care in Salem County. Taciea has been recognized as an amazing asset to her team, and a nurse who has a deep dedication to the individuals that we serve. She welcomes new employees with open arms and goes above and beyond to ensure that staff are trained thoroughly and have the knowledge needed to be successful in their roles. Taciea implements specialized training as well as training refreshers and works hard to ensure that staff are comfortable and confident in all areas of their work, including the administration of medications. She encourages staff to reach out to her and is highly responsive to all questions and calls. In addition, Taciea conducts trainings for our management team, who have gained a wealth of knowledge and information from her. They greatly appreciate her on-going guidance and support. Everyone agrees that she is an awesome nurse, a beautiful person, and they are proud to have her as a member of their Salem County team.

Congratulations to Osman, Merinda, Charles and Taciea for being selected as our 2023 “Nurse Stars of the Year!” We salute you, and our entire nursing staff, for the incredible care that you provide to those we serve throughout the year. Thank you for being such a vital part of the Allies Family!

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