Allies Hosts Third Annual Nurse Appreciation Event to Celebrate Nurses Week

In recognition of National Nurses Week, Allies hosted their third annual Nurse Appreciation event at our administrative offices on May 10th. At the event our Executive Team and other staff members honored our “2023 Nurse Stars”: Osman Kamara, LPN, Charles Jallah, LPN, Taciea Sassafras, LPN, Regional Nurse and Merinda Coleman, LPN.

Our nurses were treated to a special luncheon as well as gift bags to show our gratitude for their dedication, compassion and commitment to excellence.

Mike Haggerty, President and CEO of Allies, addressed the group saying, “I am so pleased to thank all of our nurses for the amazing work that they do all year. The way that you pull together and work closely to support individuals and each other is admirable. You’re level-headed, always think ahead, and never lose sight of what is best for those in your care. Your compassion makes a true difference not just to those you serve, but also their families.”

These sentiments were echoed by management staff and the nurses’ colleagues as well. The nurses were praised for their exceptional communication skills, their willingness to jump in and provide support wherever needed, their responsiveness, and the way that they calmly and effectively manage complex situations and ever-changing needs.

In addition, the Nurse Stars were applauded for their kind hearts and warmth, attentiveness, and the special way that they connect not only with those they serve, but the way they connect with families, keep them informed and put their minds at ease.  

Lastly, they were recognized for being role models and teachers for other nurses in the agency as well as our Community Support Staff. The knowledge and guidance that they share is highly valuable as it elevates the care that we provide to those we serve and helps our team members grow.

To read more about our “2023 Nurse Stars” and what makes them special, click here.

Group shot of Allies nursing team

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